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Who We Are

It’s time to challenge the status-quo.

New technologies, audiences and experiences need innovative and dynamic communities driving the change. OS Studios is our community; a group of award-winning people, a young and dynamically led creative team, experienced and risk-taking professionals. Our mission is to provide creative and market leading services to brands wanting to take the lead in the expanding world of gaming and esports.

Our Services

We put the gaming community at the core of all we do, delivering great results to brands, sponsors and IP holders.

Live Streams

We pride ourselves on being able to stream from anywhere at high quality, whether on a beach in Miami or retail outlet in New York. We conceptualise, research and produce engaging and interactive content that keeps the community at heart in order to create high brand affinity.

Content Strategy & Production

With experienced esports experts, content strategists and award-winning creatives, we are able to build concepts and structure that fit a brand’s core objectives with focus on what resonates with the gaming community.

Twitch Strategy and Channel Management

We’re capable of taking a gaming channel from conception to operation managing all aspects of it including channel strategy, content programming, production, community management and moderation.

Event production

Proven event management experience across multiple industries. We focus on fan experiences and ensuring that events are community driven staying true to the core ethos of gaming.

Tournament & League Production

At the core of esports is competition, and the need to create fair, fun and organized tournaments that are fun to participate in and make great viewing. Having developed one of the largest esports offerings in the world, we are capable of organizations competitions from grassroots to pros.